If your rural grant writing team needs independent grant writing research to support your grant submission, please contact us, today!

Competitive federal grants can fund critical information technology needed to improve rural quality of life, but “needs and benefits” have to be clearly explained to be awarded the grant. This is where our needs-research comes in to support our members’ grant-writing efforts.

Farm & Home Cooperative offers rural telecommunications, healthcare and education providers affordable needs-based research services backed with a one-year satisfaction guarantee to help them get Federal grants which lower their costs to serve their customers, patients, instructors and students who are impacted by COVID-19 and who may be staying at home or for other reasons need to use telecommunications from their home.

We help grant writing teams with low-cost grant-related research and narrative support needed for the hardest part of their grant applications.

We participate with key participants in the rural telecommunications industry, as well as healthcare, corporate employers, educational institutions, and others.

Distance Learning for Rural Students who are not Homebound

Farm & Home Cooperative is owned by its members on a one-member, one-vote basis, each sharing equally in any net income that it makes.

Telemedicine Coaching for Rural Provider

Need help with research with your rural grant proposal? Please contact us today!