Farm & Home Cooperative helps its owner/members strengthen local relationships in the fields of rural telecommunications, healthcare, distance education and telework to improve quality of life and to stimulate investment in rural areas.

Farm & Home Cooperative earns our members trust every day through innovative local, last mile, and in-home solutions for delivering telehealth, distance learning and home office workers on a cost-only basis to its member/owners including in areas where in-home rural users may be unserved or underserved by reliable, adequate and affordable broadband services

We provide research-based market analyses and other services for local, last-mile and in-home innovations to enable our members to realize quality of life, productivity, and profitability improvements. This includes providing a New Kind of Rural Telecommunications Marketplace to support members as they learn how to use creative new local, last-mile and in-home products and services required to keep pace in the changing rural marketplace.

Farm & Home Cooperative provides independent rural research, analysis and insights to help its Buyer members (e.g. healthcare, distance education, and telework/agribusiness) to find the best telecom solutions available for their operations, improving net income through cost savings and/or revenue improvement.

Farm & Home Cooperative provides rural research, analysis and insights to help its producer members (e.g. local exchange carriers, telecommunications equipment suppliers) to find ways to improve deployment of existing and new services/products.

Want to learn more about our work, customized rural market analyses to explore whether innovation in new local and last-mile services is right for your organization? Please contact us today!