Our mission is to serve our members as they improve rural quality of life. Please see more here.

Farm & Home fosters rural telecommunications services in the Midwest to support a healthy environment, a strong economy, and thriving rural communities. 

Our members are key participants in telecommunications industry, healthcare, corporate employers and educational institutions.

In one sense, each member class has potentially competing interests – producer members (e.g. rural telecom companies) might be driven to seek the highest price for their telecom products and services, meanwhile buyer members (e.g. rural healthcare and distance education providers), might seek the lowest.  Farm & Home Cooperative members realize that while they may be on opposite sides of the table in any given transaction, there is a broader rural quality of life benefit to their cooperation. 

It is the long-term term relationships between sellers and buyers that support fair pricing and treatment all along the supply chain which will benefit all through improved rural quality of life and keeping dollars circulating in the local economy. 

Farm & Home Cooperative is owned by buyer and seller members who share any profits that it makes. Owner/members manage the cooperative and the profit earned is retained among the members in the proportion to their contribution.

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