Rural Telecommunications Market Research, Analysis and Services

Grant Research and Analysis:

We serve our members with their grant funding efforts. Grant funding in the rural sector is a proven means by which to meet rural needs and create or expand business.

There are grant opportunities in all sectors of the rural economy with an equally diverse target of benefits that our members are interested in achieving such as creating jobs, preventing out-migration and developing, demonstrating and deploying new technologies.

​Grants can provide capital funding that does not need to be repaid and will not require equity in a private company, and grants are oftentimes willing to fund projects that have a higher risk than the private market is willing to fund.

Grants are available for all kinds of organizations involved in rural development including for-profit companies, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools of all levels, national laboratories, and collaborations between these groups.

Grants can fund activities such as establishing or expanding manufacturing facilities, developing workforce training programs, developing or advancing clean or emerging technologies, and many others.

Our areas of expertise include research, analysis and assistance in obtaining federal grant funding for rural telecommunications-related projects.

Our members most often are interested in locating federal grant opportunities for members and our compiling information on grant announcements and awards, summaries and memorandums.

While we do not write your grant proposals or manage your telecommunications projects, we do provide affordable research and consulting to address community needs for improved telecommunications services in the specific rural areas which you have targeted.

We offer proven exploratory research and a full range of consulting services. Our work products are yours to use for funding of your telecommunications-related proposals. We can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our affordable fees for Members and for Non-Members. Please get in touch below.

Tailored to Your Rural Area’s Unique Needs:

Our needs research and consulting analysis will include:

•  Secondary data research related to your specific area and other relevant data which can be taken from existing data sources.

•  Needs Analysis of Problem Indicators which are measurable information showing the condition or existence of telecommunications-related problems in the specific rural communities for which you are writing a grant application or seeking funding approvals.

Face to Face Rural Telemedicine in Action


We will write a tailored telecommunications services narrative to support your various funding efforts, including grants which comes from our experience writing successfully to be awarded federal grant funding in late 2019.

For additional information on our first-come, first-serve research and consulting services, please contact us today.

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