About Us

Farm & Home Cooperative is a hybrid or “multi-stakeholder” Missouri cooperative association serving the Rural American Midwest.

It is both, a telecommunications services and technology marketing cooperative association for sellers, and a telecommunications purchasing cooperative for buyers.

Farm & Home positions itself as a new kind of marketplace for the implementation of telecommunications-related technology and services to meet the needs of rural telecommunications consumers.

The main focus of the cooperative is assured provision of in-home telemedicine, distance learning, and remote telework / agricultural producer telecommunications-related technologies.

Farm & Home Cooperative’s Installed Technologies Support Agricultural Producers in the American Midwest

Farm & Home Cooperative is a Missouri Cooperative Association formed under Missouri Cooperative Association Law (MO Revised Statutes 351). It is incorporated at the Federal level as a for-profit corporation under IRS Sub-Chapter T rules. EIN: 83-3000401; DUNS: 117003695, SAMS/DLI CAGE CODE: 8AM39: Missouri Cooperative Association: CA001402950; Platte City, Missouri 64079; Registered in Kansas as Business ID Entity Number: 9546987

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