Mission Statement

Farm & Home Cooperative’s mission is to be the provider of choice for its member owners for grant-related research, consulting for deployment of innovative rural telecommunications technology, team-building, and other services to improve member’s operations, their net income and the quality of life in the rural Midwest.

We do this by conducting grant-related needs-research in video and audio conferencing to fund innovative advanced technologies and useful local services, including last-mile and in-home/clinic/school product and service options to reach patients, students, farmers, remote employees, etc., but especially those who may be in disadvantaged areas are unserved or underserved by reliable, adequate, and affordable broadband access.

Homebound Rural Student Showing Work to a Teacher by Videoconference

Our main aim is helping our members obtain Federal grants toward advancing communications technologies in the rural Midwest thus creating many rural community benefits.

Our cooperative advises our members on grant needs-research so they can apply for grants to fund otherwise unaffordable rural video and audio conference solutions such as:

  • Enabling essential distance learning education and training and telework employment for rural area families
  • Conducting telehealth including when related to Opioid and Substance Use Disorder, prevention, remote diagnosis, treatment coordination and recovery-related services
  • Improving response through the use of rural videoconferencing for the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters and other emergencies requiring outside coordination