Earning Members' Trust Every Day

We strive to be our members’ trusted technology partner – providing solutions that help our buyer and seller members bring all of the advantages of today’s evolving technology to unserved and underserved areas of the rural Midwest. which lack reliable and affordable broadband.

To the extent that we deliver on that promise, we will remain of value to our members and be a purposeful, collaborative and evolving technology leader.

Technology Evaluation and Grant Research / Grant Submission

We can help our members with independent technical and marketing feasibility studies. We can assess your situation and examine potential grant / subsidy and other funding sources and help you determine a way ahead deploying technology in unserved and underserved areas which can benefit from more reliable and affordable telecommunications technologies.

Secondary Market Research

Customizing research of relevant and credible articles, studies and reports exploring current and next generation advanced technology services which our members can leverage to enhance the consumer experience, impact business growth, and increase opportunities for improved net income

Rural Product Development Consulting and Feasibility Studies

We provide new product development consulting for rural telecommunications-related products and services. We give our members the ability to evaluate their new and ongoing projects.   We can conduct competitive and commercial analysis to help members understand what other providers in the target areas area currently offer and how to best market members offerings.

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