Earning Members' Trust Every Day

We strive to be our members’ trusted technology partner – providing new product consulting and grant research for solutions that help our buyer and seller members bring all of the advantages of today’s evolving technology to unserved and underserved areas of the rural Midwest lacking reliable and affordable broadband.

According to the 2010 US Census, nearly one-third of elderly people live alone, and 10 percent live in poverty. Many live in rural areas where Internet connections are poor. Because of shelter-in-place orders in effect during the COVID-19 pandemic, families may have difficulty obtaining the simple, but necessary equipment for in-home installation. The only connection many rural care patients have to their medical providers is a traditional telephone. Our aim is to consult and provide grant research services to our members to improve their opportunities to serve rural America. We can help members apply for Federal grants which can make otherwise unaffordable video conferencing more available in rural areas.

To the extent that we deliver on that promise, we will remain of value to our members and be a purposeful, collaborative and evolving technology partner.

We know the importance of delivering on a promise.

Technology Evaluation and Grant Research / Grant Submission

Farm & Home Cooperative is experienced as a consultant and USDA Federal grant writer who can help our members with independent needs-research so their grant submissions can be more competitive. We can assess your situation and examine potential grant / subsidy and other funding sources and help you determine a way ahead deploying technology in unserved and underserved areas which can benefit from more reliable and affordable telecommunications technologies.

Secondary Market Research

We customize our needs-research services to find relevant and credible articles, studies and reports exploring current and next generation advanced technology services which our members can leverage to enhance the rural consumer experience, impact business growth, and increase opportunities for improved net income

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